16 de setembro de 2022


Pentagram announced in 2020 a tour to celebrate its 50th anniversary, a tour that would pass through South America with dates in Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil, at the time some unforeseen events ended up forcing the postponement of the tour, including the most serious of all, which was the coronavirus pandemic, which left it uncertain until these dates were held at another time…

Fortunately, after the resumption of in-person shows, Pentagram rescheduled these dates including one more in Brazil, which would initially be a single date, now passing through São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

São Paulo was the first date, September 11th, on a cold and rainy Sunday, Hangar 110 began to receive the first fans of this American Heavy/Doom Metal legend in the late afternoon and, in the early evening a long line was already formed waiting for the house to open.

Ah, yes, those who arrived in the afternoon could even talk to the guys who, after the end of the soundcheck, stopped by to talk to those who were already in the place and right away there was clear sympathy from all of them including the leader, founder and only original member of Pentagram , Mr. Robert Harold Liebling, or simply Bobby Liebling, who spent a lot of time paying attention to everyone.

Well, after this very nice meeting, we went back to the beginning of the night when the line was already around the corner, the house opened its doors around 8 pm, that is, after an hour of what was initially scheduled and in a few minutes, Hangar 110 was crowded when the opening band Grindhouse Hotel started playing and their Stoner Rock with a grunge-like feel that honestly didn't get the crowd excited, maybe because of the anxiety that many were there to see Pentagram, after all, it was the first time in history that the band was going to perform in Brazil (and maybe the only one) and many there were waiting for a lifetime!!!

Around 10 pm Greg Turley (bass), Matt Goldsborough (guitar), Ryan Manning (drums) took the stage starting the first notes and "Run My Course" so that the audience already in delirium acclaimed the friendly and charismatic Bobby Liebling who arrived on stage with the audience in his hands!!!

Well, from then on it was witnessed just a performance that will go down in history, with the perfect execution of the entire set-list, where the band absorbed the energy of everyone present and returned with an incredibly magical stage presence, the energy of the guys on stage was contagious to everyone there, something really amazing!!

And we can't forget that Mr Bobby Liebling is about to complete 70 years old and he had the same energy as the other bandmates, much younger than him!!!

From then on, more than an hour and a half passed, and even if it went on for hours, no one would complain of tiredness or anything like that, and in the end it was really worth it for those who waited years or even decades to see live what they say it was the American answer to Black Sabbath... Honestly, Pentagram only reaffirms the strength of Underground Heavy Metal in the Underground wherever it is!!!!

Pentagram Setlist: "Run My Course", "Starlady", "Ask No More", "The Ghoul", "Review Your Choices", "Be Forewarned", "Sign of the Wolf (Pentagram)", "When the Screams Come" ", "Petrified", "Dying World", "Devil's Playground", "Relentless", "Last Days Here", "Forever My Queen".

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